3 -13 April 2019 @ Krudttønden

 Filled with twists, turns and gasps, CTC’s adaptation of J.B. Priestley’s “An Inspector Calls” will leave you guessing until the very last moment…

This amateur performance of “An Inspector Calls” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD.   


3-13 April 2019 @ 19.00


Serridslevvej 2
2100 København

The director

Meet Jack Wake-Walker, our great director, who also directed This Is What Happens at the 2017 CTC Fringe Festival.

Here are his words on the play:

An Inspector Calls is traditionally set in a formal, stuffy dining room in 1912. For this production, I was keen to do something very different. I move it away from its historical position anchored in the years leading up to the First World War, and instead bring it into a timeless setting that adopts a mixture of aesthetics: modern – in terms of the geometrical set and the specific accents used (the capitalist Birling family will be talking in the distinctive twang of the heartlands of the Alt Right: the American Deep South); and ancient – in the classical cult-like costumes designed to enhance the mystery of the piece. It will – I trust – be unlike any An Inspector Calls you’ve seen before … but just as intriguing!”

Photo credit: Cameron Laing. Photographer's portfolio website: www.cameronlaingphotography.com

The cast

Inspector Goole

Arthur Birling

Sybil Birling

Sheila Birling

Eric Birling

Gerald Croft


Chorus / Music

Fie Dal

Piper McKenzie

Sarah McGillion

Mikka Chantal Deleuran

Carl Hjernøe Bay

Michael Worthman

Carla Marie Clausen

Charlotte Duus
Kristen Flanagan
Philip Green Helms
Stefan Lemser

The crew

Assistant Director

Production Manager

Set Designer

Lighting Designer

Stage Manager

Costume design & creation

Graphic Designer

PR Team

Camille Giesenfeld

Katerina Karachaliou

Carlos Manns

Igor Halicki

Yasmin Kashari Lawson

Anne Sara Dirksen

Chiara Amoruso

Gemma Wilkie
Frank Theakston
Anant Visaria
Riccardo Pengo